Nate Smith 2.5 @ 43 Off

Nate Smith Pro Waterskier 2 1/2 at 43 off!

Nate Smith Breaks Slalom World Record 5/14/17

The Current World Record Holder Nate Smith and Nautique team athlete has a new pending world record of 3 @ 43' off behind the Nautique 200 while skiing on his D3 Skis Arc. The pending world record was set during the Swiss Pro Slalom Tournament on May 14, 2017 and is still under review by the International Waterski Federation. Nate holds the current record of 2.5 @ 43' off.

I couldn't be more excited to not only win the Swiss Pro Slalom event this past weekend, but also to break the world record once again,” said Nautique athlete Nate Smith. “Being able to practice behind the best boat in the world allows me to put up the best scores in the world. Nothing beats the Ski Nautique 200, and I’m really looking forward to competing behind it again in the Nautique Masters!

Perhaps no other athlete in the history of the sport has risen from relative obscurity to world domination as quickly as Nate Smith. In 2010, Smith was ranked 20th in the world when he came out of nowhere to take second at the Global Invitational. In 2011, Smith counted the number of times he ran 39 off; the tally ended at 37. In 2012 he stopped counting 39s and started counting complete passes are 41 off; that tally ended at 9. In addition to running 41 off nine times in one year, he won all but one of the major events--"Smith is well on his way to becoming one of the best skiers of all time," Waterski Magazine.

Nate Smith 43
Nate Smith 43
Nate Smith 43

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