Nate Smith 2.5 @ 43 Off

Nate Smith Pro Waterskier 2 1/2 at 43 off!

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but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in talent and determination. After placing 2nd at 2010’s Global Invitational, Nate proved he is a force to be reckoned with. In 2011 Nate added a long list of accomplishments to his resume including his first pro win, becoming the youngest skier and sixth person ever to run 41 off and won the Under 21 Worlds in France. In 2012 he was the winningest slalom skier in the sport winning the Moomba Masters, US Masters, Malibu Open, Calgary Pro Shoot out and Soaked.

Born and raised in Indiana, Nate Smith was a relatively unknown name until he started taking down legends on the slalom course and breaking national records. You’d think his ski season would be limited, but Nate doesn’t let the cold stop him. It is not uncommon to catch him turning buoys when there is still snow on the ground and ice on the windshield.

Nate is one of D3 Skis' top athletes and a member of Nautique's Elite Team. He is known for being one of the most laid back guys at the tournaments and describes himself as easy going and low key.

That same attitude is applied to his skiing as well. He’s always looking to better his score, get one more buoy but mostly have fun. He says, “I ski and I have fun, I really don’t think about anything else.” While Nate is getting a lot of attention for his rapid and aggressive climb to the top, he is very grateful for his opportunities and for all that support him.

“I would like to thank D3 Skis for always being there for me, helping me out, and providing me with the best slalom ski that is out there. The guys at N3 Boatworks have been awesome, helping me out with the customization of my Ski Nautique 200. Seth Stisher with H2Osmosis has been great as well. I would also like to thank Scott Tynan (and family) for letting me train with him every day. He has been nothing but awesome to me, helping me out in any way possible. We push each other and it helps me become better. My mom and dad for getting me started and teaching me how to ski and pulling me on our lake every day for years. Also I’d like to thank everyone on Sawmill Lake, and Champion Lake (my home lake), along with all the Indiana and Midwest skiers for all of the support over the years.”

Nate Smith 43 Bio

Age: 27

Birthday: 11/29/1990

Hometown: McCordsville, Indiana

Current Residence: McCordsville, Indiana, and Delta planes world-wide.

Height: 6'2"

Years Skiing: 23

Hobbies: Skiing... on the liquid and the frozen stuff.

Heroes: Peyton Manning, Andy Mapple

Sponsors: Nautique, D3 Skis, Eagle Sports, Silver Spray Sports, Eagle Sports

Favorite Tournament: Tie between Moomba Masters & US Masters

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Mar: Moomba Masters, 1st place (Melbourne, AUS)

May: US Masters Men Slalom, 1st place (Pine Mountain, GA)

May: Goode Atlanta Pro-Am, 2nd place (Atlanta, GA)

Aug: Malibu Open, 1st place (Milwaukee, WI)

Aug: US Nationals 4th place (West Palm Beach, FL)

Aug: Calgary Pro Waterski Shoot Out,. 1st place (Calgary, CAN)

Sept: SOAKED Festival, 1st place (Orlando, FL)

Sept: Diablo Shores Pro AM 2nd place (Brentwood, CA)

Nov: 2012 World Cup Championship 5th place (Palembang, Indonesia


June: Militia’s Sac-Town Gold Rush Pro Event, 1st place (Elk Grove, CA)

June: First pro to ever run back to back 41’s in a pro event. (CA)

July: Global Invitational Pro Ski Tour Event, 3rd place (Grand Rapids, MI)

July: 2011 World Championships, 3rd place (Dubna, Russia)

Aug: Malibu Open Pro Ski Tour Event, 3rd place (Milwaukee, WI)

Aug: US Nationals, Open Men, 2nd place (Wilmington, IL)

Sept: Under-21 World Championships, 1st place (Meuzac, France)

Sept: Diablo Shores Pro-Am, 3rd place (Brentwood, CA)

Oct: Katy Ski Jam, 1st place (Katy, TX)


July: Global Invitational Pro Ski Tour Event, 2nd place (Allendale, MI)



USA Waterski Male Skier of the Year

AWSA Male Slalom Skier of the Year

BallOfSpray Male Skier of the Year

Selected as USOC May Water Ski Athlete of the Month


Top Seed into the finals for every pro tournament

Nominated for USA Waterski Athlete of the Year


USA Waterski Male Athlete of the Year

Indiana State Skier of the Year


Indiana State Male Skier of the Year



Set US National Record 1@43

Set Midwest Regional Record

Only skier to ever run 41 off twice in one pro tournament

Ran 41 off more than any other skier in 2011

Ran the most consecutive 39 offs in the history of water skiing


Tied US National Record of 5@41in October 2x in one day

Tied it 4 more times that season

Youngest person to ever run 41 off (sixth person ever)